Commercial Roofing

At Aerial Exterior, we love working with businesses in our community to ensure they have a safe roof over their heads. Whether you’re a property manager at an apartment complex, condominium or business, you can rest assured that a roof installed by our team is a roof that will last.

How do we differ from other commercial roofing companies? Learn more about the Aerial Difference:

  • We offer a warranty on materials, labor and all other associated roof expenses for a non-prorated period of 25 years. This means that if the roof experiences any issues or needs to be replaced within 25 years, you won’t pay a dime. As a property manager, you can appreciate only having to budget a roof replacement every 25 years. In the meantime, you’ll pay $0 out of pocket if any issues arise. All repairs and replacements will be paid for by the manufacturer, CertainTeed.
  • We perform a roof inspection and compile a detailed report of the roof condition of the property. This will diagnose/address current issues and help us create a budget and timeline for future replacement.
  • We are familiar with community developments and establishing a safe working environment for all residents, visitors, and workers involved with projects while maintaining a productive and efficient project.
  • We provide specific parameters and instructions for all involved parties to limit inconvenience and facilitate a smooth process.
  • We offer the best in products and services with very competitive pricing.
  • We will interact with board or community members; before, during and after process if requested (presentations, explanations, Q &A).
  • We commit to making your jobs easier! We are very accommodating, and will help in every capacity possible to make that happen.  

Are you ready to budget $0 for the next 25 years for your roof? Call us now for your commercial roofing project!