Beautify your home with siding!

Take your home to the next level. Get creative with limitless colors and options to beautify the exterior of your home! With a multitude of designs and patterns to choose from, you can distinguish your home and bring it to the next level.

Aerial Roofing & Exterior will work with you to make the vision that you create a reality.

Let us make your neighbors jealous!

“You have a great pattern going where everone is staying busy to get the job done. Keep up the great work!”

Ellen and Ken Kelly – Customer

Types of siding

We offer many different styles, types and colors of siding.

Traditional Siding

Traditional, also called clapboard style, is the profile most often chosen by homeowners. Each “board” appears to overlap the one below it, creating the look of wood siding. Traditional panels “set” closer to the exterior wall for a slimmer profile.

Dutchlap Siding

Dutchlap profiles are similar to bevel style, but with the addition of a sharply angled bevel directly underneath each “overlap.” This gives the siding softer shadow lines and a more distinctive look.

Shakes & Scallops

Shakes mimic the look of wood siding with square-edged vertical lines and the texture of cedar. Scallops add a timeless wood-grain finish, with the romantic touch of soft, rounded edges. They can be used on an entire home or for accent on larger homes for a spectacular visual contrast.